Clubs & Groups


There is one word to describe these – diverse! The groups are a good way for Christian young people to reach out to their friends and encourage each other in their faith. Many of these groups are led by pupils themselves, some by local youth workers or parents and others by teachers at the school. It is a real opportunity for young people to develop their leadership skills but it can also be very challenging.

Learn4Life supports Christian groups in a variety of ways with regular visits, email contact, training and advice.

Please get in touch if you would like support for a Christian group in school or you want to find out if one is running in your school.


We run these with teams of volunteers from local churches. They are clubs where students come who want to find out more about God, faith and other issues. The groups enjoy games, sport, craft, video clips and discussion with the aim of finding out more about faith and God.

To find out more about these groups contact us!